Concomitant Healing

Concomitant healing may assist with sporting and work-related injuries, or those caused by accidents. It can be effective in bringing respite to discomfort caused by repetitive action or overuse. However, if the actions or overuse continues after treatment the damage will continue to reoccur.
Using the thumb, forefinger or index finger the practitioner follows a unique sequence or series of precise bodily points with the application of acupressure in and around the injury and other parts of the body. The points healed are done in an order where they naturally follow each other until all the points are cleared.
This healing is designed to not only increase the flow of energy through the body. Releasing the points of tension within the muscular structure where there is physical damage or the emotional issues are trapped. The body is able to store emotional memory from traumatic events which can also block the flow of energy.


At Origins Spiritual Counselling and Healing our aim is to help bring release and relief, and to allow the body's own system of recovery to continue to flow.


$50 for 30 mins

$75 for 45 mins

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