What is Spiritual Counselling?

It is a counselling method of assisting people who are having difficulty grappling with issues in their lives. Spiritual counselling gives a framework to this in which they are able to understand the origins of their issues and how it currently affects their life; their own actions, actions of others and subsequent reactions. It assists in helping people align their values and re-evaluate their feelings & expectations. Ultimately, offering a path though life that provides more confidence, self assurance and a way out of their problems and issues. In society we only seek counselling when we are experiencing negative feelings and emotions such as depression, failure, loss & grief or have feelings of anxiety, anger and indifference. Spiritual counselling is about helping people get to a place in their life where they are able to achieve increased feelings of love, happiness & joy, and to be able to have improved relationships with others.


Relationship Counselling

Counselling session, individuals one-to-one with the counsellor.

1 hr session - $110

Relationship & family counselling 


Two people in a session

1 hr session - $132

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